Welcome back!

I have always seen September as being like the turn of a new year… Obviously, growing up it was school, then college, but it stuck as then there was my time teaching and now the rugby season!

So, to all you pupils, students, teachers and sports fans – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


With all new years come the dreaded New Year’s resolutions, so here is my 2016/17 challenge: get this blog/website back up and running regularly again!

However, unlike the bulk of the previous content, I am going to try to mix things up a bit. As much as I love sport (and there still be plenty of sport), it has become work for me (and was back in 2014 and the blog suffered because I was writing for a living) so it is perhaps as not much fun to write about all the time…. I started writing about sport back when I was studying at Trinity College Dublin as a way to relax, so I still enjoy writing to relax but I am going to mix in a few of my other passions:


This jazzed up screen shot of my Instagram time line will give you an idea of some of the topics – I may touch on over the coming weeks and hopefully months… There is still rugby but there is travel, beauty, hair, sushi and random bits (the OC box set)…

So, in short Scrumptious is most definitely going to try to deliver on my old promise “rugby and sports writing with a twist!”…

Catch you soon…







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