Happy birthday Bastian Schweinsteiger! Happy German football, happy German Eurovision and even happy German rugby!

Today being the 30th birthday of German FIFA World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger, put me in the mood for a small celebration of all things German!


So, football is going well for the Germans. But it would seem that they are eyeing success else where:

Number 1. If Bastian and the boys can get behind this peppy number, it looks like 2015 Eurovision victory is a definite possibility!

(The lovely lady singing to the team is Helene Fischer – German queen of Schlager  – a particular sub-genre of pop music that tends to get the toes tapping of Eurovision fans – and  also World Champion footballers!)

If I haven’t lost you already in all that joyous Schlager, I am coming to the rugby bit!

Number 2. Germans hearts are warming to rugby:

photo-22 copy 5

photo via @rugbyworldcup

Despite Germany being football nuts, there is a rugby heartland in Heidelberg. As I discovered for a feature I wrote for IRB.com/rugbyworldcup.com due to the the soccer culture, the Germans have a tradition of producing nippy backs.

Check out the article via the below link:

Old values point the way for buoyant Germany

If the Germans can apply the same efficiency with which they run their economy, build cars, play football and produce Euro-pop Schlager, they have a bright rugby future ahead!


From a sports marketing point of view, wouldn’t it be great if  German sports giant Adidas could get their two current World Champions together – Germany and the All Blacks? The teams could recreate something in the vein of this classic collaboration:

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